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Deep Root Injection-Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Greenacres

Sometimes we don’t have to trust nature so much. You may have a feeling that deep root injection or deep root fertilization is a waste of resources as the nutrients can naturally get to the roots. We don’t dispute this fact. Nature, somehow, knows how to handle this, but it may not be that fast and accurate.

Deep root injection is a process that involves supplying appropriate plant nutrients directly to the roots using appropriate tools. You have to accurately determine how deep the roots are in the ground before applying this technique. Different plant species around you have different root structures and root penetration. The fibrous roots, which are responsible for the absorption of nutrients, are found at different levels underground. This will vary from plant to plant.

Greenacres Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team company uses appropriate technology to determine the root location. We have radars. These are designed to accurately report how deep the root is so that when we inject the fertilizer, it hits the target. Not so many companies already use this technology. The trial and error method is still widely spread. The danger of this is that you can end waste your fertilizer when you can’t get your target.

Deep root injection vs Nature

Some people opt for spreading fertilizer in their gardens and letting nature take its course. It is a very fast and easy method, but quite wasteful. First, the fertilizer can be washed away with heavy rains.

What a waste! Secondly, the fertilizer can end up being used by weeds and other shrubs that it was not intended for. Lastly, it may take ages before the nutrients themselves get to the target. This is not what you wanted, is it?

Deep root injection, on the contrary, is target-oriented. With the technology we use as described earlier in this post, we feed the fertilizer directly to the fibrous roots of the trees. Any other shrubs in the garden can source their nutrients from the soil and not use what is intended for the landscaped trees.

Is it necessary to do a deep root injection?

For you to have a dream of creating your own heart-melting garden, you must have seen one either in TV shows that you watch or in the neighborhood. Do you think that the beautiful gardens that you have seen so far came from the blues? The owners invested a lot to have them. Remember that trees that are planted in the home gardens are colorful and some of them might not be supported by the soil type in your locality.

Deep root injection is done to supplement the nutrients that your trees get and is only done when absolutely necessary. Trees that receive sufficient nutrients grow healthily and have appealing foliage. Less foliage cover or discoloring of the leaves can be due to the lack of enough nutrients in the soil. Our experts can determine all that and salvage the situation through deep root injection.

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